About Ambition Himalaya

We are licensed from: Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation

License Number: 1058/066

Ambition Himalaya Treks & Expeditions is recognized as one of the leading adventure tour operator of Nepal since 2009. We are the Nepal’s only adventure tour company who amble together with clients & guests as per their wish to make their adventure tours winning in the adventurous Nepal, Tibet and in the Land of Thunder Dragon; Bhutan. We were founded by experienced adventure guides of Nepal who worked in the mountains for more than 15 years to make their adventures successful & who lend a hand to the adventure seekers to test their ability in adventurous exam. Even we were founded in 2004 we got a lot in this period. Moreover, in this short period of time we got to know that we are one of the leading adventure tour operators in Nepal. In this time-frame we operated more than 2,500 clients from more than 70 countries. It’s not so long that we established the agency to give valued services to our clients but now we are leading in the Himalayas and we are known as one of the best adventure operator of Nepal.

Ambition Himalaya has got numerous reviews from magazines and leading travel sites because we were able to achieve it. We have received an opportunity of getting recommendation from lonely planet by getting listed on their book dedicated in Nepal. We are recommended on lonelyplanet.com and reviewed on tripadvisor.com because we worked hard to make our client’s adventure successful. It wasn't possible without our clients support and trusts ahead us and our staff’s positive thinking towards us. And again it was not possible without our motivating guides, porters and Sherpa.

Now, we can say that we have done a lot in these past years but still we have to do a lot in coming years. We have further challenge in coming years because we have more competition in the market now. We are not running behind money that’s why we always win!

Ambition Himalaya is approved by the Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association and a little other. The most significant thing to identify before you book an excursion is to make confident that the company is genuine & reliable. Even you need to make sure that the corporation is at least registered to Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board and Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal. You have to make sure that you will get all facilities that the company said as you have paid a lot to test your adventure skills. We make sure that you are fulfilled with our services and make sure that you are doing well on your celebration in Nepal. You are with us to celebrate your holiday & we are here to present you the best opportunities as much as we are capable of. Our services don’t have any borders because your satisfaction is the award that we want to achieve on our team. We give you opportunity to talk with our adventure crew to make sure that they are experienced for your adventure test that none of the other companies will give. We give you opportunity to have live talk with our guides and porters. We give you direct opportunity to communicate with our staffs on your request before you book holiday with us.

Ambition Himalaya Treks and Expeditions works with permanent staffs to run a successful adventure trip. We do not hire temporary staffs to give you the best experience of your adventure and we can always have trust over them. We share profit together & we give them equal opportunities to make sure that we are with them. We always make sure that our staffs are well equipped, well experienced and have detailed information about the adventure routes that they are attending to. We have well familiar staffs on our adventure team who are testing your adventure of at least 5 years. They are our ornaments because we wear them to give you better services. We love them. Whether you have confusion about us you can directly communicate with our staffs. We give them opportunity to talk with you directly before booking a trip with us even none of the company allows their staff to talk with clients before departing for their trip; but we give!