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Desires to reach your dream destination get interrupted by time, age and health conditions sometimes.  And for your desires, we present you the Helicopter Ride Tour that saves your time, effort, and offers you the magnificent view.  A helicopter tour will take you to the place where you wouldn’t have imagined reaching on legs or wheelers. Just charter a chopper and enjoy being feel like a bird. In recent times, Helicopter tour has been gaining popularity at an increasing pace.

Due to the number of packages like Trek to Everest and Fly Back to Kathmandu, and Everest Heli Tour many people are adapting these packages and have fruits in their both time. Trekking to Everest and Flying back to Kathmandu not only saves time, but gives you an extra view to fly on a parallel sides of mountains. Helicopter Tour offers you the best sightseeing view that one can get from the ground. Get closer to the mountains and feel like them bold and strong enough to be living. Helicopter Tour guarantees you that you will have the best time of your life and the memories you will make will last for eternity. 

The chasing rides above the fast flowing rivers, the thrilling journey to the gigantic glaciers will take the breath out you.  Surely, not in a negative way. You will find the trill you have been waiting for your life. The peace you seek in your journey. Fly above the ancient monasteries, Gumbas, quaint villages, and lush forest. The adventurer inside you surely jumps out of excitement. 

So yeah, health issues and time constraints are not an issue now. Have the will to fly around the Himalayas and we will fulfill it for you. The preferable time to do a helicopter tour is during Spring and Autumn in Nepal. That is Spring from March to May and Autumn September to November. 

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Everest Helicopter Tour
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