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Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek – 10 days

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Trip Duration Trip Duration
10 Days
Group Size Group Size
Min 1 - 20 People
Maximum Altitude Max. Altitude
4,130m/ 13,549 ft
Trip Difficulty Difficulty
Activities Activities
  • Trekking
  • walking
Best Season Best Season
  • Sep – Dec
  • Mar – May
Calendar Accommodation
  • 4 Nights Hotel
  • 5 Nights Lodge
Calendar Meals
  • 10 Breakfast
  • 6 Lunch
  • 6 Dinner
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  • Private trip departures everyday
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Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek – 10 days

  • Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek offers a captivating vista of the silver mountains.
  • Considering how little time you have, you could explore this vacation.
  • Examining the Gurung people’s distinctive culture and traditions.
  • Strolling through extensive rhododendron forests and conventional farms.
  • Spotting wildlife and species of birds.

Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek – 10 days Photo Gallery

Overview of Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek – 10 days

Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek is one of the most popular hiking routes in the Annapurna Region and is a short walk to Annapurna Base Camp. While it takes fewer days than the normal Annapurna Base Camp Trek, the thrill and adventure are not diminished. Because we’ll have to go farther in fewer days than with other ABC alternatives, this trek is also known as the Rapid Annapurna Base Camp journey.

Annapurna Base Camp Short Trekking begins in Pokhara, a picturesque lake city in western Nepal. However, on the first day, you arrive in Kathmandu, and on the Second day, drive to Pokhara.

On the third day, you’ll drive to Nayapul and then Kimche, the traditional ends of other Ghorepani circuit treks, to enter the Annapurna Conservation Area. Beautiful subtropical forests line our route, which is also home to several birds, animal, and plant species that are at risk of extinction.

We remained after a long and exhausting day of walking, beautiful settlements like Ghandruk, crossing through Chhomrung located on the hilltops, give the ideal resting site for the night.

In this Annapurna Base Camp Short trek itinerary, the Gurung ethnic group predominately inhabits the settlements. Their hospitality is exquisite, and their culture is distinct.

Before arriving at the base camp of Annapurna, locations like Ghandruk Chomrung, Sinuwa, and Deurali offer beautiful views of the Himalayas. As we travel farther north, the vegetation begins to take on an alpine appearance.

Additionally, the path steepens. Initially, we arrive at Machhapuchhre Base Camp (Mount Fishtail). A few kilometers in front of MBC is Annapurna Base Camp (4,130 m).

This Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the best scenery and mountain views in a short period of time. Able to see, Annapurna 1 ( 8091m), Annapurna 2, Annapurna 3, Annapurna South ( 7219m), Annapurna 4, Gangapurna, Machhapuchhre ( 6993m), and some climbing peaks surrounded in Annapurna Base camp with big Annapurna glacier.

Trip Route: Kathmandu- Pokhara – Ghandruk- Sinua- MBC- ABC – Jhinu – Pokhara -Kathmandu

Annapurna Base camp Short Trek-10days
Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek-10 days

Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek Difficulties


The Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek’s highest elevation is 4130 meters above sea level. This trek’s difficulty level ranges from simple to moderate. Anyone may trek to the Annapurna Base Camp Trek without any issues.

It will be simpler to complete this great expedition, all with no complications if you have the typical trekking abilities. Furthermore, it takes an average of 6 to 7 hours to trek from one destination to another.

It implies that greater strength and endurance will be necessary to complete the trek successfully. The altitude gain from the Ghandruk will also rise in tandem with this. There will be an average 500- to 1000-meter variance in height with the steadily uphill and downhill trials. Along with this, altitude sickness is dangerous if you exceed 2000m. As a result, prevention against altitude sickness is crucial.

Landscapes and Weather

There’s a chance you’ll lose traction on the trail because it can frequently be steep. The trek’s degree of terrain variation is standard from one destination to another.

Likewise, you may need to eat well and get enough rest if you occasionally go more than 15 to 20 kilometers per day. Similarly, fitness and workouts before the trek will be quite beneficial.

This trek is a remarkable experience because of its lush nature and demanding terrain. Moreover, the weather will occasionally change. Changing weather patterns can complicate the trek by delivering severe rain, storms, and snowfall. As a result, forecasting will be essential before going on the Annapurna Base Camp trek.

Aside from that, the Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek is an exhilarating trek that anyone can complete efficiently.

Best time to go Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Spring Season (March to May)

The Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek will have a wonderful ambiance owing to the pleasant springtime atmosphere. The northern Himalayas’ scenic perspective will be so distinct that it will be visible from a considerable distance.

At night, the temperature drops to -5 degrees Celsius from the daytime temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. Rainfall may occasionally occur in the highlands of the Annapurna Region when the western airflow and the eastern breezes converge.

Autumn Season (September to November)

During this time of year, it will be fantastic to witness the lush foliage, magnificent flora, and animals surrounding the Annapurna Region’s terrain. The tranquil atmosphere will be fantastic, as will the overcast day.

The daytime temperature, approximately 15 degrees Celsius, is ideal for trekking. Similarly, nighttime temperatures may fall below -5 degrees Celsius as winter approaches. During this season, you may also enjoy the wonderful Gurung festivities while trekking in the Annapurna Region.

Summer Season (June to August)

During this time of year, the Annapurna region receives a direct easterly breeze that causes heavy rain. More than this, the region below the Annapurna receives the most yearly rainfall. Furthermore, the sun will heat the terrain during the day, but low clouds and flora will make the Trek spectacular.

Rain can occasionally make the view obstructed. The temperature will be approximately 25 degrees Celsius during the day and drop to -5 degrees Celsius at night.

Winter Season (November to February)

The Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek is quite challenging because of the unpredictable wintertime. It could be a minor concern given the constant snowfall above an altitude of 2500m and the bitter cold throughout the Annapurna Region.

However, with proper warm clothes and trekking equipment, you may enjoy the snowy adventure. The temperature will be approximately -5 degrees Celsius during the day and around -15 and -20 degrees Celsius at night.

Related Information

Accommodation and meals during Annapurna base camp short trek

The accommodations for the Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek will be excellent. You can get outstanding three-star hotel services with all amenities in Pokhara and Kathmandu.

The lodging in Kathmandu and Pokhara will include air conditioning, a large room, comfortable mattresses, and a hot shower. Additionally, these accommodations include a fantastic atmosphere and breathtaking views from the roof.

Similarly, you will find teahouses or mediocre hotels for accommodation throughout the trail. In these accommodations, you will have the typical amenities, like a communal bathroom and a plywood room with a hard bed, but the view from the window will be spectacular.

These teahouses and hotels along the trek will also have charging and internet facilities. In addition, there will be three meals per day. A cup of tea and toast will be the breakfast. In addition to this, there will be a wide range of options for breakfast foods, such as fruits, juices, cereals, and others.

Similarly, the lunch menu comprises international cuisine and Tibetan, European, and Nepali dishes. There will be various options on the menus from which you may select one. The snacks include unique delicacies such as momos, pakaudas, biryani, fried potatoes, Thukpa, Chowmien, Puri Vegetables, beans, and many more. Dinner will be the same as lunch, with a variety of options.

Travel Insurance

The crucial component for the Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek is travel insurance. Travel insurance will aid you in administering the finances during an emergency, as you’ll be trekking at an altitude of more than 4000m.

In a similar vein, there are a variety of obstacles in the Annapurna Region that might cause difficulties for trekkers. Trekking may be difficult due to the terrain, shifting weather patterns, altitude sickness, and natural disasters, and you never know what can occur.

Travel insurance will serve as your skeleton in this situation. Thus it is strongly suggested. Get your documentation, passport, and some photographs, and fill out the travel details for travel insurance. Make sure to incorporate the use of a helicopter for rescue over 6,000 meters so you may use it in an emergency. Furthermore, you may get travel insurance in Pokhara or Kathmandu.

Typical Day on the Annapurna base camp short trek

The day begins with a beautiful breakfast. We get an incredible sensation as we awaken in the foggy Himalayas. Similarly, we will begin our trekking venture around 6:30 to 7 AM, following the trial of dense pine woods and rhododendron vegetation.

Giving up more strength and endurance, we will be pushing uphill. As we proceed to the location for lunch, we will pass through breathtaking hills, forests, waterfalls, suspension bridges, and rivers.

Likewise, at around 11:30 AM, we will have lunch at a restaurant or teahouse and continue our trial by following the ridge of the snowy Himalayas. After the trial, gradually maneuvering through several settlements and waterfalls, we will arrive at our destination after 6 to 7 hours of trekking. With the light snack, we will stay in one of the hotels or teahouses.

Exploration of the local hamlets and sites will take place in the evening. Before dinner, we’ll play cards with the guides, talk with locals, and take in the scenery. Dinner will begin at about 8 PM. After dinner, we’ll have a fantastic night’s sleep.

Why book Annapurna Base Camp Short Trekking with Us?

As one of Asia’s most notable Trek and Tour Organizations, Ambition Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. has provided our customers with world-class expeditions and amenities for decades.

Our trekking organization prioritizes the safety and security of our visitors above everything else. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything while trekking. From the beginning to the end of the expedition, we will provide you with the whole adrenaline sensation.

Our main incentive will be the look of satisfaction on your face when the expedition is completed. In addition, there won’t be any problems with the booking procedure for the trekking package, highlands adventure, or any other vacation package. Each step in the paperwork, ticket, and entry procedures will be simple. Similarly, we got skilled guides and porters to provide superior service to our guests in the Himalayas.

Similarly, knowledgeable native Sherpa guides can handle any situation and provide information on anything you encounter while trekking.

The porters are also skilled at carrying the load on their backs while strolling calmly through the steady settings. Furthermore, Ambition Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. is a government-licensed trekking company.

Therefore there won’t be any fraud or misrepresentation when paying for the expedition, scheduling the expedition, or during the expedition itself. Additionally, we always have a medical team to assist in case something happens while we are trekking.

The permission price and any additional entry fees for national parks, conservation areas, or restricted areas are also included in the package.

Similar to reviews, fantastic feedback always boost our conviction, which prompts us to develop novel approaches to addressing circumstances. Furthermore, the itinerary we will follow during the trek will be very distinct from any other trekking organization.

Short/Detail Itinerary of Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek – 10 days

DayModeRoute ItineraryElev.(m)DurationOvernightIncluded
01FlightArrival in Kathmandu - Hotel1,300 -----HotelDinner
02DriveKathmandu - Pokhara822 6-7 hrsHotelBreakfast
03Drive/trekPokhara - Kimche - Ghandruk2,012 4-5 hrsGuesthouseB L D
04TrekGhandruk - Chhomrung - Sinuwa2,100 6-7 hrsGuesthouseB L D
05TrekSinuwa - Deurali3,200 5-6 hrsGuesthouseB L D
06TrekDeurali - MBC - Annapurna BC3,700/4,130 4-5 hrsGuesthouseB L D
07TrekAnnapurna BC - Bamboo2,310 6-7 hrsGuesthouseB L D
08Trek/driveTrek - Jhinu -drive pokhara822 7-8 hrsHotelB L
09DrivePokhara - Kathmandu1,300 6-7 hrsHotelBreakfast
10FlightDeparture or extend your trip---- --------Breakfast
Note: B- Breakfast, L- Lunch, D- Dinner

Detail Itinerary

After flying through central Nepal’s lush sceneries and highlands, you will touch down at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport. Our tour representative will welcome you at the airport and drive you to the hotel in a private vehicle.

The ambiance in the morning in Kathmandu’s valley will be splendid. Boarding the tourist bus, we will go to the northwest of Kathmandu. We’ll pause for lunch at the teahouse as we cross the rivers and hills on the marvelously curvy roadway. Within 6 hours of the bus ride, we will arrive in Pokhara and enjoy the stunning views.

We can also book a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara with additional funds. We can take the bus instead of the pricey trip, but the airplane only takes you to Pokhara in 30 minutes. Likewise, we’ll spend the night admiring the area’s stunning surroundings in Pokhara.

The city beneath the magnificent Himalayas in the north presents us with a heavenly morning. After consuming breakfast, we will travel to Kimche in a jeep. The 19-kilometer drive through the Kaski Hamlets’ farmland, hills, and forest will be stunning.

After a two-hour drive, we will arrive at Kimche and have a delicious lunch. We’ll follow the route through a dense pine forest from this point. Moreover, we’ll make our way up from the Gurung Settlement to the picturesque hamlet of Ghandruk. Also, we’ll spend the night in Ghandruk, taking in the scenery and admiring the surroundings.

We will be increasing enormously towards the hamlet of Komrong after waking up in the shadow of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains. The thick pine forest and the Rhododendron wave accompany us on our trek. Continuing, we will enter the hamlet of Chommrong after crossing the magnificent Komrong Stream.

The Gurung Settlements and the exquisite antique houses evoke a sense of nostalgia. After passing through the hamlet of Chhomrong, we will arrive at the exquisite Sinuwa, where we will spend the night.

The delicious breakfast will prepare us for the trial that will take us to the Bamboo, the trial will get narrower.

The dense rainforest forest and beautiful greenery add to the trek’s natural beauty. From an elevation of 2200 meters, we will reach the Dovan by continuing to ascend the slope. After a bit of rest to admire the picturesque village of Dovan, we continue on the trial that leads to the Deurali. We’ll be spending the night at Deurali.

Our trek today will take us farther north as we awaken in the icy Himalayas. As we cross through rhododendron woodland, we will arrive at the trail that turns away from it and heads toward Machhapuchhre Base Camp.

After crossing the Hinku Valley and steadily rising for another two hours, we will finally arrive at the Macchapuchre Base Camp (3,700m). We will make a short descent and then a straight upward from alongside the glacier, admiring the scenery and snapping photos.

Trekking from the edge of the high cliffs and stunning natural ecosystems, taking upward for more than 2 hours, we will eventually make it to Annapurna Base Camp, with an elevation of 4,130m. We’ll spend the night at the Annapurna Base Camp while marveling at the adjacent Himalayas and the northern glaciers.

We’ll hit the trail again after waking up early in the morning and experiencing an enchanting breakfast in the lap of the Himalayas. Making the descent to the south while admiring the magnificent views of Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Hiunchuli will be an incredible experience.

After crossing the Modi River, we will descend with an elevation of more than 1,500 before reaching the Bamboo. Moreover, making up through the woods, we will immerse in Bamboo. Likewise, we will spend the night in the lovely Bamboo hamlet, savoring the surroundings.

The tranquil alpine aura of Bamboo’s fantastic atmosphere stimulates us. The wave of the rhododendron woodland will greet us once again as we encounter the trial. There will also be the opportunity to witness magnificent rare bird and animal species.

The steep terrain from Chhomrong to Jhinu Dada will test our trekking expertise. Likewise, we will eventually reach the Hot Spring of Jhinu Dada, where we will stop for a bit of rest by following the edge of the lush hills.

From the Gurung Settlement, we will proceed to the Jhinu Dada major Settlement by the stoned trial. After admiring the scenery, we will take a jeep directly to Pokhara, where we will spend the night.

The magnificent city of Pokhara, amid the snowy Himalayas, refreshes us in the morning. Our journey from Pokhara to Kathmandu encompasses traveling by bus.

The option to purchase a flight by paying an additional fee for the ticket will also be available. Alternatively, we may take the bus, which traverses the picturesque vistas while winding through lush foliage.

After a 6 to 7-hour bus ride, we will arrive in Kathmandu. Moreover, to finish our adventure amicably, there will be a brief farewell party at the Thamel in the evening.

Today is your departure day, but you may extend your expedition by adding more adventure packages. It is possible to prolong your tour by adding the Chitwan National Park Safari, Kathmandu Sightseeing, and many other adventures.

Alternatively, you might depart for another destination. With the Private Vehicle, our tour guide will transport you to the airport. Likewise, from Tribhuvan International of Kathmandu, you will be taking off to your next destination.


What's included
  • Airport pickup and drop in private vehicle.
  • Hotel accommodation-Breakfast in Kathmandu.
  • Kathmandu to Pokhara and Pokhara to Kathmandu on tourist bus.
  • Hotel accommodation-Breakfast in Pokhara.
  • Pokhara – Kimche and Jhinu -Pokhara drive on private transport
  • Necessary papers and trekking permits ( ACAP permit and TIMS permit )
  • 3 meals ( Breakfast, lunch and Dinner) and 3 hot drinks per day during trekking.
  • Seasonal fruits after night meal.
  • Accommodations in guesthouse during trek.
  • Well trained English speaking guides (including their salary, accommodation, meal, transportation and insurance).
  • For groups over 6 people – assistant guide (including their salary, accommodation, meal, transportation and insurance).
  • Basic equipment for trekking such as down jacket, sleeping bag, duffel bag  to use if you need
  • Ambition Himalaya t-shirt ( our souvenir)
  • First aid kit with guide hand
  • Expedition taxes, paper works, and company service charges for the trek.
  • A complimentary traditional Nepali dinner on arrival..
  • Certificate of achievement can be prepared with the signature of company director and your local guide (only if requested).
Optional Addons

(Available addons on extra cost)

  • Porter for trek ( use 1 porter for two trekkers)
  • Deluxe hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • private car or Flight (kathmandu – Pokhara – Kathmandu)
What is excluded
  • Overseas airfare
  • visa fees ($30 for 15 days, $50 for 30 days and $ 125 for 90 days ).
  • Travel, emergency rescue charge and insurance
  • Food other than mentioned above, extra tea coffee ,telephone bills, laundry charges and shower fees.
  • Wifi charger and battery charging bill during the trek.
  • Porter if you need for trek ( we arrange with extra cost)
  • Lunch & dinner costs during Kathmandu stay.
  • Extra costs caused by natural disaster, flight delay, early arrival etc.
  • Extra incentives such as tips and gifts for the guide and porters.
  • Any benefits not mentioned in ‘cost includes’ section unless indicated on booking.
  • Lunch and dinner cost in Pokhara.

Equipment you need to bring
Pair of trek boot, sleeping bag, down jacket, pullovers, neck scarf for evening/night/morning.
Sun hat and casual warm clothes for day.
Some pairs of good quality socks, slippers, suntan lotions, personal medications etc. Click here for more

US$ 850 US$ 550 See Private Group Discount
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Essential Trip Information

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Frequently Asked Question

  • How can I make a reservation for the Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek?

    The Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek booking procedure is straightforward. All you have to do is visit Peregrine Treks and Tours’ website. Then, click on the tour packages to view their details. If you want to book one, click on the booking package and enter your information. Additionally, you may get in touch with the tour representative; the contact information is included at the bottom of the website.

  • What type of permits do I need to obtain for the Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek?

    There are just two permissions that are needed for this excursion. The TIMS (Trekker Information Management System) will be the first, and ACAP will be the second (Annapurna Conservation Area Permit).

    Costs of TIMS Permits
    SAARC nations: USD 6
    Other nations: USD 25

    Costs for ACAP Permit
    SAARC nations: USD 5
    Other nations: USD 30

  • What are the Chances of getting altitude sickness on the trek?

    There is a chance that the trekker will have altitude sickness because the elevation gain will exceed 4000m. You may overcome this difficulty with the proper precautions and safety procedures.

    Therefore, good nutrition, relaxation, and acclimatization during the trek are essential.

  • Is it Feasible to Trek Alone?

    With a moderate to superficial difficulty level, trekking alone won’t be an issue. Beyond this, solo trekking in the Annapurna region is not prohibited.

    Furthermore, with proper planning and safety precautions, you may be able to trek alone. Likewise, we will provide you with personal porters and guides for this.

  • How can I extend my Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek?

    Including a more adventurous tour in your expedition lengthens this ABC short trek. You can add Chitwan Jungle Safari, Kathmandu Sightseeing, and many other short trek packages so you can extend your ABC short trek.

    Moreover, you can enhance funding for this, and we can alter the itinerary to suit your preferences.

  • What sort of drinking water am I using while on the trek?

    Numerous drinking water sources will be available during the trek. During the trek, we will provide you with a water bottle. However, the finest water for trekking will be boiling water or mineral water.

    Similarly, bring the purification tablet with you if you wish to drink tap water. Drinking water costs about USD1 per bottle.

  • Is it Compulsory to tip the Guides and Porters?

    It is optional to tip guides and porters. The recommendation is to tip the guides and porters more generously, even though they provide their finest services in the Nepalese Himalayas. More than that, you can tip however much you like, from USD 50 to 100.

  • Where can I purchase the necessary trekking equipment?

    There are several places in Kathmandu’s Thamel and Pokhara where you may get trekking equipment. Furthermore, renting hiking gear is an affordable option if you so want. Similarly, we will supply you with the necessary trekking gear while you are on the Annapurna base camp short trek.

  • Will there be ATMs or a means for exchanging money along the ABC short Trek route?

    Locating ATMs and money-exchanging facilities along the ABC short trek will be challenging. However, there are several ATMs in Kathmandu and Pokhara where you may withdraw cash and exchange money.

  • Can I get the Internet and Charging Facilities during the trek?

    Of course, you will have access to the internet and charging stations while on the trek. These amenities will be available at teahouses and hotels for less than USD 80.

    Furthermore, you may obtain a Sim Card to use the internet and connect to people freely. The Sim Card will set you back at about USD 2.

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