Best Time to go Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is the trekker’s paradise and trekking in Nepal it...

Best Time to go Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is the trekker’s paradise and trekking in Nepal it is the dream of every trekking maniac around the world. You may be wondering about what is the best time to go trekking in Nepal so that you can grab the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of Nepal. In fact, there is no particular best time to visit in Nepal. You can do trekking in Nepal at any time of the year. However, it is difficult to carry out trekking in some trails in all the season. The best time to trek in Nepal, it depends on your tolerance of heat and cold and how you feel about the crowds.

If you decide to trek in Nepal then it will be better for you to know about the best time of the year to explore Nepal on foot. Moreover, if you gather information regarding the best time to trek in Nepal then it helps to choose you the destination for your trekking.


Best time to Trek in Nepal

Normally there are four different seasons with their own characteristics and attractions

Spring season (falls between March and May)

Summer season(June- August)

Autumn season(Between September and November)

Winter season(Between December and February)

Note: The best season for trekking in Nepal is Autumn and Spring while the other two seasons also favor trekking through certain routes. The weather in Nepal at this time is pleasant.


Spring season:

Spring in Nepal it falls between March and May. This season is one of the best time to go trekking in Nepal. Spring season is characterized by longer days and warmer temperatures. It is mildly warm at a lower altitude and a quite moderate temperature at higher elevation over 4000m which offers the view of the mesmerizing and fantastic mountains. Apart from the sun and warmer temperature spring also offers wide varieties of blossoming wild flora such as giant rhododendrons giving the landscape an enchanting look. You can plan for Annapurna Circuit Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek and so on to enjoy the alluring beauty of nature.


Summer season: 

The summer season in Nepal it starts from June to August. This season involves monsoon with heavy rainfall which makes it unfavorable for trekking. During this season due to the rain, the path in lowland is muddy and there is always the threat of leeches. Even the high mountains are covered with clouds in summer days. However, you can still experience the glory of Himalayas during Monsoon by trekking in the north of the Himalaya such as Upper Mustang, Manang and Dolpo region. Manang, Mustang and Dolpo regions lie in the rain shadow area of Nepal. So summer is the best time to trek Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo and Manang. As the higher valleys and meadows are blossom with flowers and lush vegetation make this time perfect to capture the captivating natural beauty of Nepal. Summer is the ideal time for Upper Mustang Trek.


Autumn season:

The autumn season in Nepal is from September to November. It is considered as the best time to go trekking in Nepal. Autumn is the best time for trekking in Nepal which offers excellent weather and stunning mountain views. During this time the temperature is moderate and the sky is clear with outstanding views. You can choose any king of trekking in this season as it is the perfect time for doing any kind of trek. Besides the natural beauty that ignites the ecstasy, passion, and energy for nature lovers, trekking in the autumn season offers you the wonderful opportunity to explore and experience the exotic culture of Nepal.

Major festivals of Nepal (Dashain, Tihar) are celebrated during this time. While trekking Nepal in the autumn season you can have the panoramic view of the snowy mountain peaks and appealing landscapes in fine days. You can do Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo lakes trek, Everest High Passes Trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek, Mardi Himal Trek and many more.


Winter Season: 

Winter in Nepal is from December to February. It is the season that is not recommended for trekking in higher elevation. In winter season there is usually snowfall and the days are also shorter which makes it quite unfavorable for trekking in higher elevation. Hence it is an ideal time for trekking in lower elevations such as Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Everest View Trek, Nagarkot Chisapani. Furthermore, there are other best short treks in Nepal where you can go for trekking in winter. If you prefer to travel with less crowd then for you winter is the best season for trekking. As in the winter, you will encounter very few people throughout the way.


Tips for trekking in Nepal

  • You have to keep the information regarding the temperature and climate before embarking your journey.
  • Prior to trekking, you have to consult with your doctor and take the necessary medicine with you.
  • You have to be psychologically prepared to face everything that you encounter during the trek.
  • You should collect information on Altitude sickness, its symptoms and preventive measures.
  • Always hire a licensed guide or porter with you, especially if you are a beginner.
  • You should carry all you trekking permit with you.
  • Plan extra days on the trip.


If you are planning to trek in Nepal then feel free to contact us. We will provide you the information regarding the best time to go trekking in Nepal. Plan your trip with us and discover adventure.

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