Mustang Trek-Tiji Festival Trek- Upper Mustang Trek Cost And Itinerary

Upper Mustang Trek,Upper Mustang Trekking cost And Itinerary

Upper Mustang Trek is a trekking in the hidden Kingdom in Mustang region here, you will experience the way of life of true mountain people, who were not much in touch with the rest of Nepal for hundreds of years, and even until recent times had an officially recognized king handling his own Crown & State. Upper Mustang is also known for Its Beautiful Festival “Tiji Festival” celebrate for continues three days. In many ways, a trek into Upper Mustang is similar to trekking in Tibet, as geographically it is a part of the Tibetan Plateau. Upper Mustang has its own value in the history, the oldest business Route that links Nepal and Tibet exploiting the lowest 4,660 meters (15,300 ft) pass Kora La. The village tour, Mustang Trek,  mountains biking, food and culinary, traditional craftsmanship are the best and unforgettable things to do in Nepal.

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