Covid 19 Updates

The number of COVID-19 cases has decreased substantially in recent months, indicating a downward trend in the pandemic. In light of the situation, the Nepalese government has modified the admission protocol for all visitors. All prior COVID-19 entrance protocol notices and upgrades have been withdrawn as a result of this action.For Fully Vaccinated Travelers:All fully immunized passengers traveling to Nepal are required to show a full vaccination certificate against COVID-19 (Travelers must be vaccinated 14 days or more prior to travel to Nepal). This law applies to travelers who arrive in Nepal by air as well as via land. A negative COVID-19 test report is no longer required for fully vaccinated individuals going to Nepal.For Non-vaccinated travelers:will need a negative COVID-19 test report to visit Nepal if they are not completely vaccinated or cannot produce a vaccination certificate. In this situation, travelers must have taken the COVID-19 test (RT-PCR, Gene Xpert, and True NAAT) within the previous 72 hours prior to check-in. Similarly, passengers with negative COVID-19 test results are no longer obliged to spend even a single day in quarantine.On-Arrival Visa Resumption:On-arrival visas are now available for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated visitors. Passengers can obtain a Nepal visa at any land or air entry point as long as they present all required documentation.For More detail Information Visit: you have any questions please Contact us . we are ready to help you
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