Chepang Heritage Trek

Chepang Heritage Trail trek 5 days

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Group size: 2-10 People

Max-Altitude: 2,000 m/ 6,561 ft

Destination: Nepal

Arrival on: Kathmandu, Nepal

No. of Days: 5 days

Activity: Trekking

Travel by: Private vehicle & bus

Fitness Level: Easy

Accommodation: Lodge and Home stay in trek

Meal: Full board meal in trek


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1. Beautiful view of the Langtang, Rolwaling, Lakpa Dorje, Ganesh and Manaslu mountains.
2. Experiencing the life of Chepang people and understanding their way of life.
3. Watching the wild honey hunting process and tasting raw and fresh wild honey.
4. Visiting the Siraichuli view point and the Upardangadi fort, the previous capital of Chitwan district.
5. Trekking in a route less frequented by other trekkers.



Chepang Heritage Trail Trek lies on the northern portion of Chitwan and the southern portion of Dhading. The Chepangs are the famous honey hunting tribe of Nepal, known for their ability to live in difficult terrain. The Chepangs have been living in these hills for generation and have mastered the art of surviving in the rugged mountains.

Hunting and rearing animals is their main occupation. Millet, rye and buckwheat grows in these hills but owing to difficulty in irrigation and the infertile nature of the soil, agricultural yield is low.

However, nature has given the Chepang people other boons. Citrus fruits grow aplenty in these region. A lot of berries and tuberous roots grows in this place. The Chepang people are also extremely able honey hunters. Wild bee is common in the hills and the Chepangs collect honey with great efficiency. They sell it in the trading centres of Dhading and Chitwan for exchange of other necessary goods.

The fruit Chiuri also grows in large amount here. It is of multiple use. The fruit is tasty and nutritious, its seed is a source of oil and the fruit also makes excellent wine.

From the top of Siraichuli, you will be able to see some of the tallest peaks of Nepal smiling at the north. Watching south, you will be able to see the plains of Chitwan and the northern part of India in full glory. You will also visit the Upardanggadi Fort, the previous capital of Chitwan district. The fort was commissioned by Bahadur Shah. The fort also provides excellent view of the southern plains. We will descend to Chitwan via Shaktikhor and end our trekking here.

Route Summary: Kathmandu- Hugdi Khola- Hattibang- Siraichuli- Upardang Gadhi- Shaktikhor- Kathmandu

Best Season: September to December and February to May


Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu to Hugdi Khola drive, three hours; Hugdi to Hattibang (1,500 m) trek; five hours.

Day 02: Hattibang - Juatesh - Changa Dinglang - Jyandala (1,600 m).

Day 03:  Jyandala- Siraichuli(1,950 m)- Chisapanitar- Gadhi (1,275 m).

Day 04:  Gadhi to Shaktikhor (355 m).

Day 05:  Return Back to Kathmandu.


Important Notes and Safety Concerns

We prioritize your safety all the time while traveling with Ambition Himalaya Treks & Expeditions. We want our valuable guests and staffs to be safe thus we have given full authority to your tour leaders to modify, cancel or update any part of the itinerary if it is considered necessary due to safety concerns. Ambition Himalaya promises that we will do our best to stick with planned itinerary. However, natural disasters, weather disturbances, health conditions or any other mishap may force us to change the planned itinerary and we hope you understand these concerns. Our leaders will give you necessary information and discuss with you before changing the itinerary.



Day 01: Kathmandu to Hugdi Khola drive and Hattibang trek

Altitude: 1,500 m/4,921 ft

Time: Three hours (drive)/ Five hours (Trek)

Hugdi Khola lies on the Prithvi Highway at a distance of 82 Km from Kathmandu. We will have to drive for three hours from Kathmandu to reach Hugdi. The Hugdi Khola (stream) and the Trishuli river meet at the starting point of our trek. The trek from Hugdi to Hattibang takes about five hours. We will enjoy the beautiful view of the gorging Trishuli river flowing beneath us.

The villages on our way are beautiful and provide for a welcome resting spot in between. The mountains are in wonderful view from Hattibang. We will stay in a community homestay tonight and enjoy the wonderful food prepared by the locals.


Day 02: Trek to Jyandala

Altitude: 1,600 m/5,249 ft

We will enjoy the wonderful sunrise from Hattibang, have breakfast with our homestay hosts and then head for Jyandala. Jyandala is a typical Chepang village. Before reaching Jyandala we will cross other Chepang villages like Juatesh and Changa Dinglang.

These villages showcase the unique tradition and living style of the Chepang people. The peaks of Rolwaling, Ganesh, Manaslu, Langtang Lirung and Gauri Shankar are clearly visible from most part of our today’s trail. We will spend the night in a local homestay.


Day 03: Trek to Gadhi via Siraichuli

Altitude: 1,950 m/6,397 ft (Siraichuli); 1,275 m/4,183 ft (Gadhi)

We have a long day of trek today. The trek from Jyandala to Gadhi via Siraichuli and Chisapanitar takes about seven hours. Siraichuli is a hilltop that is famous for the view of the mountains in the north and the Terai plains in the south. At 1,950 m, it is the highest point in Chitwan. There are numerous ancient caves on the road to Siraiculi that have not yet been explored.

We will head to Chisapanitar from Siraichuli. Chisapanitar is famous for bird watching, with about 300 species of birds available. Our next destination is Upardang Gadhi. Gadhi means fort in Nepali. This fort served as the headquarter of Chitwan until 1962 A.D. Gadhi is also a renowned view point providing end to end view of Chitwan.


Day 04: Gadhi to Shaktikhor

Altitude: 355 m/1,164 ft

Shaktikhor is another Chepang village at the foothills of the Mahabharata range. It is the largest Chepang village in our trail. It has a museum dedicated to the life and ways of the Chepang people. It also has a visitor information center. There are many caves and waterfalls leading to Shaktikhor. At the end of the trek there is a very old temple, Jutpani Kalika, of Goddess Kali. We will sleep in a local homestay tonight.


Day 05: Return Back to Kathmandu

Altitude: 1,300 m/4,265 ft

The drive from Shaktikhor to Kathmandu takes about five hours. In about two hours of drive from Shaktikhor, we will reach Hugdi Khola, the starting point of our trek. You also have the option to go to Sauraha and visit the Chitwan National Park instead of heading to Kathmandu from Shaktikhor. You will have to inform us beforehand if you plan to do so.

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