When is the best time to visit Nepal?

The best time to visit Nepal is September-December and February-April. Monsoon in Nepal starts from around June and lasts till August. Starting September, the sky starts to clear out, the rain stops and festivities in Nepal begin. Two most important festivals of the Nepali people – Dashain and Tihar – fall during this period. Because of improved visibility, the Himalayan region presents a stunning view of the mountains. Pristine blue sky adds to the gloss. Starting December, winter begins. Because of high altitude, the upper reaches of the Himalayas receive heavy snowfall during winter. The plains of Nepal are also very foggy during this time – making activities like jungle safari a difficult exercise. Starting February, the winter lessens and the dawn of spring beckons. Verdant green forest, blooming rhododendron, animals coming out of their winter slumber and chirping birds make this season a bliss for trekking and other travel activities.

How challenging are the trekking circuits in Nepal?

Should I train myself before trekking in Nepal?

What equipments/gears shall I bring along?

Can I customize my trek destinations and routes?

Can I travel alone or in private groups?

Is getting Visa difficult?

What about my safety? How do you handle emergencies?

Do I need insurance?

What currencies are accepted in Nepal?

What about food and water?

How can I communicate with my family back home during my travel?

How do you treat your crew? Are they insured?

Should I tip?

Should I bring any medicatioWill you pick me up at the airport?

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