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Evolution of Flag of Nepal

Flag of Nepal


Nepal is a small country sandwiched between two giant counties India and China. It has always remained an independent nation due to its unique culture and tradition. Nepal is the only country in the world that does not have a rectangular flag. The Flag of Nepal is a triangular flag.The triangle shape of the flag is the reason that Nepal is the country with unique national flag. Besides Nepal, all other countries in the world have quadrilateral flags. As the flag of any country is the identity of the nation as well as people living in that nation. Likewise, the Flag of Nepal is the identity of Nepal and Nepali people. Nepalese people are undoubtedly proud of their unique triangular national flag. The flag for Nepal is a simplified combination of two single triangular pennants. The upper part of the triangle consists of the moon which depicts the calm demeanor and purity of the spirit of Nepali people whereas the lower triangular portion of Nepal’s flag consists of the sun that indicates their fierce resolve. Nepal flag has a crimson red color with a blue border and incorporates stylized symbols of the sun and the moon which are white in color.


History of Nepalese Flag

The current flag for Nepal was officially adopted as the national flag of Nepal on 16, December 1962 along with the formation of a new constitutional government. The recent Flag of Nepal borrows its basic design from the original traditional flag that was used throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Before the year 1962 the celestial bodies in the flag, the moon, and the sun had human faces. But later these faces were removed from Nepal’s flag to give the modern look to the flag and bring it in line with the international flag.


Revolutionary images of Flag of Nepal



Flag Facts of Nepal:

The national flag of Nepal is the world’s only non-quadrilateral flag. Nepal has a triangular shape of a flag which makes it unique from others.

There are multiple nicknames for Nepalese flag including Triangle Flag, Nepali flag, Chandra ra Surya

The present flag of Nepal was first adopted by Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Officially adopted on December 16, 1962, by the constitutional government of Nepal.

Crimson Red, Blue, and White are the colors used in Nepal Flag

Sun with 12 emitting rays and moon with 8 emitting rays are the symbols used in the Flag of Nepal

The dimension ratio of Nepal’s flag is 3:4.

Nepalese flag is considered the most Mathematical flag.

The sun in the flag represents the hotness of terai whereas the moon indicates the cool Himalayan region of Nepal.

The Blue Color of the border of Nepal’s flag represents Nepal’s boundaries and sovereignty while the red color of the flag indicates zeal, anticipation, and strength.

The whiter color of the sun and moon in the flag of Nepal reflects the purity and simplicity of Nepali people.



Questions related to the Flag of Nepal


What does the Nepal Flag symbolize?

Everything in the Flag of Nepal has meaning. From the shape to the colors used and the symbols inside the flag each and every component has its own meaning. Each and every component of the Nepali flag conveys the history, symbolizes the geography of Nepal and also portrays the character of Nepali people.

Meaning of Shape Nepali Flag

The two symbols in the upper and lower portion of the flag symbolize the different dynasties, the moon in the upper triangle represents the Royal house while the sun in the lower part of the triangle symbolizes the branch of Rana family, members of which acted as prime minister until 1961. According to the present government of Nepal, the two triangles in the flag of Nepal represent the two main religions of Nepal- Hinduism, and Buddhism. It is considered that the triangular shapes of the pennons in Nepal’s Flag represent the Himalayan Mountains. As 8 of the mountains above 8000m falls in Nepal including the Mt.Everest world’s highest peak. Due to the existence of these mountains, Nepal is gaining lots of popularity in trekking as well. Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek are the most popular trekking destinations in the world. Moreover, the people of Nepal have a belief that the Nepalese flag symbolizes a Nepalese pagoda as placing the mirror at the hoist side of the flag can generate an image of the pagoda. In fact, the triangular flag of Nepal is considered one of the weird flag over the world.

Meaning of Color of Flag for Nepal

The red color in the flag of Nepal is the national color of Nepal which reflects the brave spirit of the Nepalese people. The red color in the flag also symbolizes the courage of Nepali people by birth. Further, it also represents the color of rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal. The blue border in Nepal’s Flag symbolizes peace and harmony. The red and blue color used in the flag of Nepal are popular in Nepalese arts and decoration.

Meaning of the Symbol of Nepalese flag

 The moon in the flag of Nepal represents the calm and soothing nature of the Nepalese people . Besides, that it also depicts the shade and cool weather in the Himalayas. On the other hand the sun demonstrates the fierce tenacity of the Nepalese people and the heat and higher temperature of the lower land of Nepal. Furthermore, these two symbols, the sun and the moon in Nepal’s flag express the hope that the nation may have the same longevity as the sun and the moon.


What is the meaning of the National flag?

The national flag of a country is the identity of the nation and the people living in that nation. As the national flag of any country has the great importance the colors and designs of the national flags are not randomly selected. They are chosen by taking consideration of the history, culture or religion of the particular country. The flag is actually a symbol of extreme faith. Likewise, the flag of Nepal has also arisen from the history, culture, and religion of Nepal. The unique triangular shape of the Nepali Flag is highly responsible for making every Nepali Citizen feel proud. The meaning of the symbol, shape, and color of the Nepali flag is really very interesting.



Who designed the flag of Nepal?

No one knows the fact that who is the actual designer of the flag of Nepal.It is quite mysterious. Some people say that Nepal’s Flag was designed by Malla Kings, some believe that it was designed by Ranas while many say that the flag was designed by Prithvi Narayan Shah. Even though there are lots of considerations regarding the actual designer of Nepal’s flag, the present flag of Nepal was determined at the very beginning of the history of modern Nepal and the credit for this goes to Prithvi Narayan Shah. The concept of the flag was only started after the unification of small states by Prithvi Naryan Shah.After the unification of all small stated the double pennants flag was adopted.



How to Draw Nepal’s Flag?

The triangular flag of Nepal is considered as the most mathematical flag in the world .Mathematically it is  hard to draw the sun moon and triangle present in the flag for Nepal. it.

The schedule 1, clause 2 of Article 8 of the constitution of Nepal prescribed the method to draw the unique flag of Nepal.It consists of 24 mathematical steps to draw the flag of Nepal which is listed below:


Method of Making the shape inside the Border

(1)On the lower portion of a crimson cloth draw a line AB of the required length from left to right.

(2)From A draw a line AC perpendicular to AB making AC equal to AB plus one third AB. From AC mark off D making the line AD equal to line AB. Join BD.

(3) From BD mark off E making BE equal to AB.

(4)Touching E draw a line FG, starting from the point F on line AC, parallel to AB to the right hand-side. Mark off FG equal to AB.

(5) Join CG.


Method of making the Moon

(6)From AB mark off AH making AH equal to one-fourth of line AB and starting from H draw a line HI parallel to line AC touching line CG at point I.

(7)Bisect CF at J and draw a line JK parallel to AB touching CG at point K.

(8)Let L be the point where lines JK and HI cut one another.

(9)Join JG.

(10)Let M be the point where line JG and HI cut one another.

(11)With center M and with a distance shortest from M to BD mark off N on the lower portion of line HI.

(12)Touching M and starting from O, a point on AC, draw a line from left to right parallel to AB.

(13)With center L and radius LN draw a semi-circle on the lower portion and let P and Q be the points where it touches the line OM respectively.

(14)With the center M and radius MQ draw a semi-circle on the lower portion touching P and Q.

(15)With center N and radius NM draw an arc touching PNQ at R and S. Join RS. Let T be the point where RS and HI cut one another.

(16)With center T and radius TS draw a semi-circle on the upper portion of PNQ touching at two points.

(17)With center T and radius TM draw an arc on the upper portion of PNQ touching at two points.

(18)Eight equal and similar triangles of the moon are to be made in the space lying inside the semi-circle of No (16) and outside the arc of No (17) of his Schedule.


 Method of Making the Sun

(19)Bisect line AF at U, and draw a line UV parallel to AB line touching line BE at V.

(20)With center W, the point where HI and UN cut one another and radius MN draw a circle.

(21)With center W and radius LN draw a circle.

(22)Twelve equal and similar triangles of the sun are to be made in the space enclosed by the circle of No (20) and No (21) with the two apexes of two triangles touching line HI.


Method of Making the Border

(23) The width of the border will be equal to the width TN.This will be of deep blue color and will be provided on all the sides of the flag. However, on the Five angles of the flag the external angles will be equal to the internal angles.

(24) The above mentioned border will be provided if the flag is to be used with a rope. On the other hand, if it is to be hoisted on a pole, the hole on the border on the side AC can be extended according to requirements.


Note: The lines HI, RS, FE, ED, JG, OQ, JK and UV are imaginary.

Similarly, the external and internal circles of the sun and the other arcs except the

crescent moon are also imaginary. These are not shown on the flag.



Nepal flag- World Largest Human Flag:

Nepalese People actually made a world record of the world’s largest human-made Flag of Nepal on August 23,2014AD where over 35000 people were gathered together. However, this record was broken by an attempt in India for their national flag with 43830 participants in the same year.

Human Made Flag of Nepal


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