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Langtang Valley Trek – 11 Days

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Trip Duration Trip Duration
11 Days
Group Size Group Size
Min 1 - 20 People
Maximum Altitude Max. Altitude
Trip Difficulty Difficulty
Activities Activities
  • Trekking
  • Sightseeing
  • Hiking
Best Season Best Season
  • Sep-Dec
  • March-Apil
  • May – June
Calendar Accommodation
  • 3 nights hotel in kathmandu
  • 7 nights Lodge in trek
Calendar Meals
  • 11 Breakfast
  • 8 dinner
  • 8 Lunch
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Highlights of Langtang Valley Trek – 11 Days

  • Travel to Kyanjin Gompa – a famous Buddhist shrine.
  • Spotting rare wild animals and birds, including the endangered Red Panda.
  • Experiencing Tibetan culture and understanding the Tamang way of life.
  • Visiting glacial sites.
  • Close view of Langtang Lirung and other mountain peaks.

Langtang Valley Trek – 11 Days Photo Gallery

Overview of Langtang Valley Trek – 11 Days

Langtang Valley Trek is a relatively short trek of medium-level difficulty in the beautiful Langtang Valley. Langtang valley lies to the north of Kathmandu and on the southern slope of the Tibetan plateau – juxtaposed between the snow-clad Himalayas in the north and the lush green hills of the Mahabharat range in the south. We start our tour from Syabrubesi and travel northwards through terraced farms that slowly give way to dense green forests and tall white mountains.

The beautiful Langtang village, which was destroyed badly by the 2015 earthquake, lies on our way. The village is slowly coming back to life. We head to the Kyanjin Gompa from here. The tour provides us a wonderful opportunity to spot rare animals and birds – including the musk deer, wild dogs, monkeys, red panda, Impeyan Pheasant, or Danfe, the national bird of Nepal, among others.

The northern reaches of the valley provide a wonderful view of mountains, including the Langtang Lirung (7,246 m) peak. Glaciers, waterfalls, and rivers fed by the melting snow and mountain vegetation paint a stunning picture that is in sharp contrast to the equally beautiful verdant terrain further down south of the valley. We stay most often with the very hospitable Tamang people.

The once-upon-a-lifetime journey, Langtang Valley Trek, is a prominent adventurous destination for all nature lovers. The Trek covers all your adventurous fantasies with a fantastic experience. The never stopping silverish glacier river, deep subtropical Forest, a never-ending chain of hills and snow-capped mountains, and unique Tibetan culture will show your childish nature.

Walking up due to the mesmerizing humming sound of Lopophorous, witnessing the beautiful view of the childish sun kissing the edge of the mountain will take you to heaven.

The frequently changing, challenging atmosphere will take a tough test to check your love for the beautiful creation of nature. This adventure will provide joy and motivate you never to give up. In short, this journey will be an excellent motivation for your life.

The Trek offers a distinctive expedition to the Himalayas. The trip comprises Langtang National Park, Kyanin Gompa Village (3870m), A Engrossing Tamang culture, Sacred Gosainkunda Lakes (4380m), and many other unexplored areas along with lots of adventures. The exciting part of the journey is that we will get a chance to become familiar with Tibetan culture.

Langtang Valley Trek provides the perfect opportunity to experience the memory of your lifetime. The Trek introduces nature’s beautiful architecture with local people’s fantastic hospitality. The Trek journey begins from Sybrubeshi, which is 110 Km/ 68.3 Miles from the capital city of Nepal.

How can you get there (Langtang Valley)?

– Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (1550m)
– Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel (2,380m)
– Lama Hotel to Mundu via Langtang Village (3,430)
– Mundu to Kyanjin Gompa (3,870m)
– Kyanjin Gompa to Tserko Ri to Kyanjin Gompa (5000m)
– Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel (2,380m)
– Lama Hotel to Syabrubesi (1550m)
– Drive from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu

Why Langtang Valley Trek?

The true nature lover will always prefer Langtang Valley Trek ahead of any other trekking route in Nepal. In general, the Langtang valley trek shows the hidden face of Nepal as many archeologically rare unexplored places may suit your adventurous destination. The majestic view of mountains, hills, and panoramic landscapes will complete your memory storage.

Langtang Valley Trek defines the true meaning of learning life. You will know how life survives in such challenging routes. Nature will also teach you how tiny and vulnerable we humans are in front of the strange creation of nature.

Due to the problematic challenging atmosphere, you will feel motivated with each step you hike through the routes. An authentic nature mountain adventurer treks in the months of winter to witness how hard survival over there is.

Trekking in Langtang itself is a significant milestone. Fighting with death-taking hills, mountains, and heart-threatening weather is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a depression patient tired of daily jobs and searching for the best Trek at an affordable cost, then the Langtang valley trek should be your first preference.

Langtang is the viewpoint of the beautiful Himalayas

The mesmerizing beauty of Langtang valley will always attract your attention on the way to the Valley. The beautiful silver, shining, undescribable Himalayas will make you feel in heaven. On the way, you will observe the views of the beautiful mountain range.

This Valley offers you live panoramic views of Lirung (7,345m), Naya Kanga (5,846m), Dorje Lakpa (6,966m), Gang Chhenpo (6,388m), Kimsung (6,781m), and YansaTsenji (6,575m) and many other peaks.

Tamang Culture and Tibetan Culture

On the journey, you will explore beautiful Tamang Heritages and old-fashioned cultures. This Trek will provide you tremendous opportunity to be familiar with new and unique cultural heritage. As this Trek allows you to explore the border between Nepal and Tibet, you will get good knowledge about the influence of Buddhism in Tibet. You will observe Buddhist gumbas constantly chanting spells throughout the village. The hospitality of Tamang villagers will amaze you.

The Tibetan culture, tradition, and unique lifestyle will blow your mind. You will feel at home staying in their local Guest house. The local foods served by Sherpa and Tamang communities will provide you strange but indescribable experience.

Langtang National Park:

Langtang Valley Trek allows one to explore the extinction of rare flora and fauna through Langtang National Park. Langtang National Park This is where you can relax after trekking long routes. Here you can see different rare wild animals. Their lifestyle in such a challenging situation will motivate you to move forward in your life.

Langtang National Park offers a high diversity of 14 vegetation types in 18 ecosystems ranging from upper tropical Forests below 1000 meters.
According to the official data, Langtang National Park has more than five variants of the world’s rarest animal Red Panda.

The National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1973 has also categorized Red Panda as a protected species of Nepal. The law states that a person convicted of trading Red Panda and their parts can be tried with a jail term of one to 10 years and a fine of up to Rs 500,000.

Trekking Best Seasons

The routes are comfortable during hot seasons as the chances of snowfall, and temperature would be moderate. In summer, people of all ages can trek with some guide and safety persons. Thus on hot days, the Langtang valley trek is suitable for family Trekking.

The best time for Langtang Valley Trek is in September and November. However, the trekking season falls from February, March, April, and May.

However, the authentic adventurer treks in the most challenging seasons: June, July, and August. The chances of death increase in this season as natural calamities mainly occur during the rainy seasons.

How the Langtang Valley trekking journey begins

The journey from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi:

Sybrubesi is 122 Km away from the capital city, which is the beginning and the concluding point of our Trek. The routes from the capital city to Sybrebesi are mainly by Bus, Jeep, and bike. It’s a long and bumpy journey over winding mountain roads. Transportation may be interrupted in certain spots due to landslides, mainly during rainy seasons.

The local bus journey is eight long hours due to the dangerous routes. But, the mesmerizing landscapes of greenery mountains will make you forget all the tiredness. Right before Dhunche, the roads are hazardous. We offer you to drive slowly and very carefully.

Sybrubesi to Lama Hotel:

This day will be the first and most challenging day of the Langtang valley trek package because we will climb more than 1000 meters. The hike starts with a three-hour gentle climb from Bamboo Village crossing the Langtang Khola river. The walk will be fascinating as you see Monkeys and Langurs in the Forest. It mainly takes 6-8 hours to reach Lama Hotel.

Lama Hotel to Langtang Village:

The hike will be 14 Kilometers, 980 m up, and will take 6-7 Hours to reach the destination. On the way, you will barely find any lodges but will see beautiful scenery. Here you can rest some while taking photos for your memories. After hiking for three hours alongside the Forest, we enter the most beautiful “Langtang Village.” In the routes, you will observe some snowcapped mountain peaks of the Himalayas.

Langtang village is mainly famous for its yak milk and yak cheese. The old Lantang village was severely devastated by the earthquake in 2015. The new Langtang village is near the old ones, where many homestays and lodges are made to stay the night.

Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa:

The hike consists of 7 kilometers and will gain about 500 m altitudes that will undoubtedly take four long hours to reach Kyanjin Gompa. Though this is the shortest hike in the entire Trek, you will feel more tired from the previous day of hiking. The spectacular views of the mountains will make you forget the tiredness. During this hike, you will notice the influence of the Buddhist tribe on the mani walls and stupas.

In Kyanjin Gomba, you will see beautiful Himalayan yaks and horse grazing on the open field.

Kyanjin Gompa:

The village Kyanjin Gompa is surrounded by beautiful snow-covered whitish peaks which look stunning in an open sunlight day. This village is one of the charming villages you need to explore and stay in for a day. Their cultural foods, dance, lifestyle, and doings will influence you.

Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel:

The sixth day of the hike during our Langtang valley trek is from Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel, which covers around 20 kilometers and an altitude lowers about 1440 meters. After successfully achieving the feat of Kyanjin village, it’s time to end the journey. From here on, we will travel back to the Lama hotel.

Lama Hotel to Sybrubesi:

On the seventh day of our Langtang valley trek journey, we will cover around 15 Kilometers at an altitude lowers about 1070 meters. This day will be the saddest and happiest day of your hike. On this day, you will leave all the journey behind and return to your home. The trip will be very lonely as you will feel bad for leaving the beautiful Langtang valley. On the very next day, we head towards Kathmandu from Sybrubeshi.

The eight-day journey gets completed after we reach Kathmandu. This incredible journey will always be an integral part of your life as a huge milestone.

Short/Detail Itinerary of Langtang Valley Trek – 11 Days

DayModeRoute ItineraryElev.(m)DurationOvernightIncluded
01FlightArrival in Kathmandu - Hotel1,300 ----HotelDinner
02SightseeingTour in Kathmandu ( 4 Major Places)1,300 6-7HotelBrekfast
03DriveKathmandu - Syabrubesi1,420 7-8 hrsLodgeB L D
04TrekSyabrubesi - Lama Hotel2,350 5-6 hrsLodgeB L D
05TrekLama Hotel - Langtang Village3,500 5-6 hrsLodgeB L D
06TrekLama Hotel - Kyanjing Gumpa3,860 3-4 hrsLodgeB L D
07Hike dayHike to Tserkuri5,000 5-6 hrsLodgeB L D
08TrekKyanjin - Lama Hotel2,350 6-7 hrsLodgeB L D
09TrekLama Hotel - Syabrubesi1,420 4-5 hrsLodgeB L D
10DriveDrive - Kathmandu1,300 7-8 hrsHotelB L D
11FlightDeparture from Kathmandu---- --------Breakfast
Note: B - Breakfast L - Lunch D - Dinner

Detail Itinerary

You will land at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu (1,300 m). Team Ambition Himalaya will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your hotel in a private vehicle. You will freshen up and rest in your hotel room. We will welcome you with traditional Nepali dinner in the evening. Dinner will be followed by dance and music. Our guide will prepare you for the upcoming trek by providing you information necessary for the trek.

We will go sightseeing in the Kathmandu valley today. Kathmandu has many age old cultural and historical landmarks. It possesses many UNESCO world heritage sites including ancient temples, monasteries, stupas, palaces, squares, chowks and alleys that are rich in carvings, monuments and symbolic paintings. We will visit the Pashupatinath Temple, Swyambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa and the Kathmandu Durbar Square.

We wake up early, have breakfast and head for Syabrubesi (1,420 m). The drive normally takes 7-8 hours. We have two options to reach Syabrubesi – one via Kakani in the north of Kathmandu and another via Galchhi in the south-west of Kathmandu. Syabrubesi is a small mountainous village. It is the gateway of Langtang Valley Trek. Syabrubesi provides wonderful view of the Manaslu, Annapurna and Ganesh Himal. We drive along the bank of Trishuli river for most part of our journey. We rest at Syabrubesi village overnight.

We start from Syabrubesi, cross the raging and wild Bhote Koshi river and slowly move along the bank of Langtang Khola (rivulet). We will walk through beautiful rhododendron and oak forests and rest upon reaching Bamboo Village (1,960 m). You can watch wild honey collection in steep cliffs by the locals if time permits. We move towards Lama Hotel (2,350 m) after a short rest and stay overnight here.

We get an early head start today. We pass by beautiful waterfalls, creeks and meadows on our way. We rest at Ghoda Tabela (meaning horse stable) and have our lunch there. The road to Langtang Village (3,500 m) has many beautiful Yak grazing pastures. You will also enjoy the majestic view of the mountains in the Langtang range up north. Langtang village has been badly devastated by the 2015 earthquake but is slowly regaining life and we spend our night here.

We will trek to Kyanjin Gompa today. Kyanjin Gompa is a famous Buddhist monastery. The path to Kyanjin Gompa is full of prayer wheels, water mills, smaller shrines and stones with inscriptions written on them. Before we reach the village of Mundu, there is a large Mani wall with prayers written on them. This is the largest Mani wall in Nepal. There is a famous cheese factory near Kyanjin Gompa and we will enjoy fresh cheese here. We will get a beautiful view of Mt. Ganchempo and Langtang Lirung from Kyanjin Gompa (3,900 m).

We have two options today. If your physical condition permits and if you are willing then we will travel to Tserko Ri (5,000 m). The mountain view from Tserko Ri is extraordinary and the images of the great Himalaya falls right in front of your eyes. The other option is to travel to the famous Yak grazing pastures of Langsisa Kharka. We will get back to Kyanjin Gompa for the night’s stay.

We will start going back downhill today. Resting often in the beautiful Tamang villages on our way, we head back to Lama hotel. This stretch of the travel is abundant with mountain wildlife. Because the downhill trek is shorter in time, we take breaks for discovering flora/fauna, mountain view and getting drenched in the waterfalls. The view of the mountains are quite different from the one we got on our way up.

Today is the last day of walking and we head back to the beautiful village of Syabrubesi from Lama hotel. We will begin our walk after breakfast. We will roll back on the path we took on our way up earlier. The path goes uphill and downhill on a frequent basis and passes through dense forests. We will rest often in the beautiful Tamang villages that lie in our way. We will reach Syabrubesi on the latter part of the day because we will be walking slowly, enjoying the natural beauty of the region.

We will say goodbye to Langtang region and head back to Kathmandu today. We will once again follow the trail of the meandering Trishuli river for most part of our journey. We have two options to travel to Kathmandu once we reach a place called Trishuli Bazaar. We can either travel via Kakani or choose to follow the Trishuli river and travel to Kathmandu via Galchhi. We will chill with an evening musical fiesta in Thamel before resting in our hotel.

We will bid you farewell today. Ambition Himalaya will organize a small cultural program to mark your departure and we will drop you at the Tribhuvan International Airport – from where you will head back to your destination. You also have the option of extending your trip by taking part in other treks.


What's included
  • Airport pickup and drop services by private vehicle including before and after the trek
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu as per the itinerary / with complimentary breakfast
  • All ground transportation by private vehicle in city for sightseeing 2nd day with Guide
  • Kathmandu to Syabrubesi and back by Local bus (optional private jeep)
  • All required trekking permits and necessary paper works
  • Meals on full board during the trek [Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner]
  • Accommodation in lodge/guest houses during the trek
  • Trekking Guide [English speaking, eco-friendly, Government licensed, Ministry of Tourism Trained, First Aid Trained] with salary, foods, accommodation, transportation and insurances
  • Assistant trekking guide for groups over 6 people with meals, accommodation, salary and insurance
  • Strong porters [1 porter shared between 2 paying people] with porter salary, foods, accommodation, transportation and insurances
  • Down jacket, sleeping bag, trekking map, Ambition Himalaya T-shirt and Duffel Bag [Down jacket, sleeping bag and duffel bag have to be returned after completing the trek]
  • First aid medications / medicines with the guide
  • Necessary paper works, government and local taxes, company service charges
  • Complementary welcome dinner in Kathmandu at a typical Nepali restaurant
  • Certificate of Achievement signed by director of the company and your guide
Optional Addons

(Available addons on extra cost)

  • Private jeep
What is excluded
  • International Airfares, Visa Fees,($ 30 for 15 days, $ 50 for 30 days and $ 125 for 90 days)
  • Travel and Rescue Insurance, Emergency Evacuation
  • Sightseeing Entrance fees in Kathmandu Sightseeing
  • Bars and Beverage bills, cold drinks, mineral water, hot shower, telephone bills, laundry
  • Extra activities than mentioned in the itinerary, extra porter charges
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu [Meals not included also in the cases of early returns from the trips]
  • Extra accommodation caused due to early arrival, flight delays, natural disasters etc.
  • Tips / Gratitude for Guides and Porters
  • Any services not mentioned in Service Includes Section unless specified on booking of the trekking.
US$ 850 US$ 650 See Private Group Discount
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    Reviews on Langtang Valley Trek – 11 Days

    Rated 5 out of 5
    January 11, 2023

    We were 5 member of Family from Spain recently finished the Langtang Valley Trek, and it was an incredible journey. Shishir from Ambition Himalaya was fantastic organizer for trek. He Answered me very soon of my every questions. We were really Happy for this Organization who provide us very good guide and good explanations of culture and mountains and The paths were well-maintained, the people were warm, and the view was magnificent. I heartily endorse this expedition to anyone looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of Nepal’s most stunning locations, and I’m happy and also My family members. 100 % recommend Ambition Himalaya, I sure everyone get well services from them.

    Adriana, Madrid Spain
    Rated 5 out of 5
    November 6, 2022

    I didn’t take the private day tour, but I used Ambition Himalaya to do a custom trekking tour of Langtang. I was only able to get a few days off from work and they organized everything to fit my schedule. The price was extremely reasonable as well. Purna, the guide, was excellent and extremely level-headed, and professional. I was impressed and would definitely use them again!

    Andy, Washington DC USA
    Rated 5 out of 5
    October 22, 2022

    I had a fantastic experience with Ambition. A group of four of us when on the Langtang Gosaikunda track over 7 days and 6 nights. Our guide, Nghima, and our two porters, Amrit and Surya, were more thoughtful, warm, and accommodating than I could have ever imagined. The company provided all the support necessary from sleeping bags to down coats. Meals were included as well as 3 cups of tea each day. The sites were beautiful and made the steep climbs more than worth it. I will definitely plan to use them again!

    Fellow- JR, California USA
    Rated 5 out of 5
    October 14, 2022

    Fantastic travel agency. Shishir is very reliable and Nabin Gurung is the perfect guide. We travelled around the Annapurna range 3 years ago with them and then again this year at Tamang Heritage and Langtang. In both cases just perfect experience in any way possible.

    Udi Sommer, Israel
    Rated 5 out of 5
    October 6, 2022

    My Son and I used Ambition Himalaya to trek to Langtang Valley. Deliberately choosing september as our trekking time provided a perfect opportunity to enjoy the people and countryside of this very special location without too many other travellers. The owner Shishir Dhakal was very quick to respond to my Son’s emails during the organising of the trek. He met us on our arrival in Kathmandu and took us out for a traditional Nepalese meal after finishing the trek. We had a porter ( Nete) and guide

    (Raj) that spoke English and we shared many a Conversation, laugh, meal and left our trek with fond memories. Nete and Raj while friendly and professional set a great walking pace and lent a helping hand during some challenging walking times. My son has used this company several years ago and we would both highly recommend you use this local company. To trek through this part of Nepal, eat local food and stay in the guest houses run by locals certainly opened our eyes to the resilience and human spirit found in this very special part of the world!

    Ruth, Australia
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