Why Ambition Himalaya ?

What is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of Ambition Himalaya? Is it any different to other tour operators? What value does Ambition Himalaya add to customer’s experience? These are the questions we often get asked and these are also the questions we regularly ask ourselves. Trying to answer these has helped us improve upon our services.


We have improved ourselves with every package we have sold. Our guests have been our greatest teachers. Some salient aspects of touring with Ambition Himalaya are as follows:



We are run by a team that has years of experience in providing tours in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. Our guides are tour hardened with decades of route knowledge. Nothing replaces experience in planning a tour and it is one of our top assets.



Safety is a primary concern when touring in challenging places like the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Tibet etc. We make ample preparation beforehand to avoid uneasy situation. Our guides and porters have full understanding of basic and advanced first aid. They are trained in rescue operations and carry necessary first aid equipment, medications and emergency supplies with them all the time. We arrange oxygen cylinders and PAC bags upon request. Helicopters and other airlifts are promptly arranged if needed.



Our team take full care of you and your belongings. Our team will always put your security before theirs. Security personnel in all parts of Nepal cooperate with us and we work together with local residents to ensure optimal safety.



You will be provided with hygienic food, fresh water, and clean rooms all through the tour. Even in remote locations, where you have to stay in homestays and tea houses, these priorities will not be compromised. Almost all food you will have during travel will be organic and locally produced.


Customized Tours:

Our routes are tailored and customized for uniqueness. Without missing any go-to places and landmarks, we take you to your destinations via alternate places - helping you discover unique location gems. Contact us with your custom request and we will be back to you in a flash.


Financial Transparency and Accountability:

We provide you a complete breakdown of the expenses incurred on the way - hotel expenses, manpower expenses, food expenses, permission fee etc. This will help you see if or not we have provided you the value for your money.Cancellation of tours means return of your payment immediately, our mistakes mean compensation and refurbishment, our inability to comply with your request means rolling back your payment.



Discounts are available for large groups and repeat customers. Discount starts from a group of four; scaling up with the increase in number.


Success Rate:

We have almost cent percent success rate. The only cases where we were not able to complete the packages were due to natural disasters beyond our control. Even during those times, we successfully ensured the safety of our guests.


CSR and social pledge:

It is our motto to give back to the society that provides us our bread and butter. We support community forest programs across Nepal, help local organisations working for natural conservation and help train local communities increase their means to sustainable livelihood. We also provide direct aid to marginalized and needy community in Gorkha and Solukhumbu District of Nepal. Our organisation was actively involved in relief operation and aid distribution in the aftermath of the 2015 mega -earthquake.